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Spiral computed tomography

SCT is a method of medical diagnosis based on X-ray radiation. Computed tomography is completely painless and does not cause claustrophobia in the patient, the patient remains clothed. The secret of the uniqueness of our equipment is low doses of exposure to the body during CT imaging and, at the same time, high image quality. Thanks to this, we integrate complex research into our daily practice: equipped with first-class technologies, the SOMATOM go.platform provides results that cannot be expected from a conventional research system

Research categories

KT of the head
CT scan of the brain and skull bones
CT of the pyramids of the temporal bones (middle, inner ear, mastoid process)
CT orbit
CT scan of paranasal sinuses
CT of the head and soft tissues of the neck
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KT of the spine
CT scan of the cervical spine
CT scan of the thoracic spine
CT scan of the lumbar spine
CT scan of the sacrum and coccyx
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CT scan of joints and bones
CT of knee joints (one/both)
CT of the shoulder joint (one)
CT of hip joints (both)
CT scan of pelvic bones
CT scan of the ankle-foot joint
CT of the elbow joint (one)
CT scan of the upper or lower limb
CT of the hand with the carpal joint
Low-dose CT osteoscreening
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CT scan of internal organs
CT scan of the chest cavity
CT of the chest cavity + virtual bronchoscopy
CT scan of the thoracic and abdominal organs, retroperitoneal space and pelvis
CT of organs of the abdominal cavity, retroperitoneal space and pelvis
"Virtual" CT colonoscopy
CT scan of the urinary system (kidneys, adrenal glands, ureters, bladder)
CT scan of four sections with contrast: head + chest organs + abdominal cavity organs + pelvic organs
CT scan of four sections with contrast: neck + chest organs + abdominal cavity organs + pelvic organs
CT scan of five sections with contrast: head + neck + organs of the chest + organs of the abdominal cavity + organs of the small pelvis
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CT scan of soft tissues
CT scan of the soft tissues of the neck
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CT angiography
CT angiography of cerebral vessels
CT angiography of the vessels of the neck (up from the arch of the aorta to the internal carotid arteries)
CT angiography of the aorta (down from the arch of the aorta to the common iliac vessels)
CT angiography of the vessels of the lower extremities

Low radiation load

The German SOMATOM go.Up machine performs scans with low radiation load, performs research of large ranges in one breath hold with high spatial distribution, which is important for optimal patient care.

Accurate neurological examinations

The high speed of scanning and the high quality of the obtained images increase the overall level of diagnosis of especially small vascular structures during neurological examinations.

Equipment for CT

Siemens Somatom go.Up CT Scanner

Siemens SOMATOM go.Up is an innovative computer tomograph of this class. Thanks to SOMATOM go.Up, specialized procedures can now be performed within routine diagnostic practice and screening methods can be widely used.

Frequently Asked Questions

What I will be feeling during an examination?

There are no special sensations when performing computer tomography without a contrast agent. When the contrast agent is injected, you may feel warmth spreading throughout your body and a metallic taste in your mouth. While in the MRI machine, you will hear the rhythmic sounds of the cooling system of the magnet and the rattling and clicking of the machine itself.

Why contrast examination is more expensive?

The price of an examination with a contrast agent is higher, first of all, because of the cost of the contrast agent itself, in addition, such an examination requires consumables for intravenous access (they are disposable for your safety) and anesthetic support throughout the examination.

Is it allowed to smoke or drink coffee before the examination?

Yes, we do not have smoking or coffee restrictions when scheduling a CT scan. But remember that smoking can harm your health.

Can I take medications before the examination?

In the case of planning a computed tomography, it may be necessary to limit the intake of drugs containing metformin, you can take other drugs without limitation.

What is included in which zone? What is a zone?

The examination area is the part of the body that is being scanned. The zone includes all anatomical structures located at this level. Given the variety of diseases, there is a wide range of methods and options for their examination, so the best examination area is determined by the attending physician. Our description protocols are aligned with international standards, so we pay attention to all structures included in the survey area.