About the center

The German Diagnostic Center is a medical institution with high, European level of customer service.

New German equipment Siemens 2021 year of release, allows to carry out high-precision researches of separate parts of a body and all organism, in due time to reveal set of dangerous diseases if diagnosis by other methods is difficult or in general impossible. International quality standards, advanced technology, impeccable service – this is the foundation on which the center is based.

Our mission is to conduct research with the highest level of quality and comfort, minimizing stress for the patient.

Our goal is to preserve your health and prevent disease in a timely manner with maximum accuracy, speed and comfort.

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Quick and correct diagnosis


Safe diagnosis

Minimum radiation doses for CT and radiography. Insignificant noise level during MRI examination.


High quality equipment

For diagnostics we use state-of-the-art equipment from the German company Siemens - the world leader among medical equipment manufacturers.


European service

We will acquaint you with the results in an understandable form and provide further action.


Experienced medical staff

Doctors and medical staff for 100% work by world-renowned standards of diagnosis and treatment.



We have specially arranged a separate entrance and locker room, for customers who value privacy.


Convenient location

The clinic has a convenient location in the city center with a large parking place.

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